For someone who...
"Sees things differently... 
wants to shed their old self and 
become a new, real marketer..."  
Kim Klaver's
Inner Circle
"We will never  be laid off... 
Never get fired... 
Never lack for money we want...
Because we help you get 
paying customers at will." 
- Kim Klaver
What You're Going to Get...

  • Exclusive membership in a community dedicated to getting off the pot, developing that daily plan, and helping members fly...
  •  Help for folks who want to restore their self-esteem...
  •  Guidance for folks who want to become advisors/consultants/coaches. So you need not "duplicate' anyone else. Be YOU and grow YOU
     Learn how to market so they love you on Facebook - non-paid OR paid - your choice
  •  Learn PS Email Marketing to make others come to you
  •  Live Zoom video sessions 2x month with KIM, Vic and SQ
  •  Personal help from Kim and Vic to improve your phone scripts, Facebook ads and posts, FB live videos, and funnels
  •   Recordings and PDFs of all sessions in your Membership area 24-7
  •  Membership in our active Facebook group - filled with friendly, smart folks surprising themselves every day...
  •  The Magic Chair and EC (Evolving Character) experiences (shed that old self and transform to the next level you)
  •  100 Customers 100 Days Audio library and the Orange Book, the ultimate industry Script Book
  •  FreeTickets to the next Cadaver Calling Challenge
  •  Interview Template: How to find regular paying customers with a secret, advanced strategy
  •  Time Saving Checklist: Magically create more time in your day (yup)
  •  Access to KIM's own sales letters to market YOUR thing on YOUR FB page 
  •  Auto-qualifying checklist to reduce the "no's" you hear by 93.7%
  •  Formulas to do FB live, webinars, and group presentations
  • Kim's word models that she's used to sign up hundreds on Facebook 
  •  HOT-SEAT where one person at a time gets everyone attention to fix anything that's blocking success

    You coming? :)
"Let's Make Network Marketing Great Again." 
- Kim Klaver
(Stolen right from the President of the USA)
"Did you know that in her debut as a professional direct seller, Kim retailed more water filters than anyone in the company’s history – nearly $60k in her first month?"

- Tim Sales
"I always struggled selling things, and after reading Chapter 2 in Kim’s orange book, I realized that I was using 'techno-babble' and actually scaring my prospects away.

Since changing that part of my presentation like she said, I've gone on to sell millions of dollars….Thanks, Kim!" 

- Russel Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels
"People in my downline who were stuck, even attending company events, weekly team calls, reading and learning, and 'talk to more people', 'more action' wasn't helping them. 

90 Days after I found Kim Klaver…They are so engaged again, their conversations are feeling good for them instead of awkward, they are loving 'selling' and loving talking to people about what they sell... they have hope again.

PS One gent who has 6 team members engaged again has increased his income by $3500 a week." 

- Jennifer Schultz, 7-Figure-a-year earner in her Network Marketing company
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